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Week 5: Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

It was a "mission" to find the Centennial Museum building. The GPS sent me to a garbage dump site on the UTEP campus, and everyone I asked had a different direction on how to arrive. Let's say I was scared for the buttercream to melt. Once we arrived, it was a beautiful sight, and to our luck, the UTEP band was practicing right in front of the museum. Amazing!

El Paso Centennial Museum was built to commemorate Texas independence. The Centennial Museum is the oldest in El Paso and exhibits Chihuahuan nature and cultural history. Chihuahuan is the second-largest desert in North America.

Creating a Puerto Rican dessert inspired by the Chihuahuan desert was inevitable. Dessert: Gofio inspired parfait cake w/ vanilla buttercream.

Gofio is a Puerto Rican sweet powder made from roasted corn and brown sugar. This sweet reminds me of a childhood game where you had to stuff your mouth with Gofio and say "fosforo" without spitting Gofio out of your mouth in order to win.

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