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  • General Information
    Our business model facilitates your culinary needs. See below for general information about our services. RESTAURANT: The restaurant is open Wed-Sat from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sun from 11:00 to 6:00 pm. There are three menus available (1) daily menu, (2) lunch menu, and (3) Frid. to Sun. menu. During special holidays or celebrations, menus may vary. Services offered: Dining-in, take-out or delivery Private parties Catering Special events BAKERY: The bakery is open from Wed-Sun from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The bakery has traditional Puerto Rican baked goods, desserts, coffee, sandwiches, and loaves of bread. After 12:00 pm, sandwiches and breads from the bakery are not available. Baked goods, desserts, and coffee are available during restaurant hours. Services offered: Take-out Custom cake orders Catering COOKING CLASSES: Cooking classes are held on scheduled days. For more information on the class schedule, visit BOOK ONLINE. We offer private lessons for parties and in-home classes. Private classes and in-home classes have different rates. CONTACT US, or see Cooking Classes FAQs for more information. Services offered: Private parties In-home classes Cassa-Teen program Baking & cooking classes
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 4430 Montana Ave Ste. E, EL Paso, TX
  • What food do you serve?
    Our restaurant offers diverse dishes from authentic Puerto Rican food with a flair to American cuisine and more. Our bakery offers traditional Puerto Rican baked goods, desserts, sandwiches and bread. For private parties, we have a pre-designed fusion menu; however, we can create a menu for your seated experience.
  • Do you provide discounts?
    We provide 10% military discount on orders over $75.00 when purchasing (1) custom cake and (2) cooking class services. Valid military picture ID must be provided when making the purchase. Discount will not be honored after a purchase has been made. Discounts do not apply to lunch specials, sales, promotions, or products available under SHOP, at our bakery or restaurant. Discounts apply for dining-in private parties of 8 people or more, and private cooking classes for 5 people or more. See refund policy for the desired category.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Each service has a different refund policy. See the desired category for more information.
  • General Information: Fees, Refunds, Agreement and more"
    1. At a minimum, there will be an additional $15 charge for any order changes made a week before the event. As a professional baker and logistician, I do not carry special items or extra items, aside from the par inventory. Some things are "special" or "not in high demand." Having them in my stock will cause (1) spoilage, (2) occupy unnecessary space, (3) increase expenses, and (4) decrease income. I prepare for the orders requested. Making changes will require additional preparation from my part. 2. Other additional charges will apply to any changes made after the agreement has been signed and returned with or without deposit or full payment. The contract only reflects the quote for the initial item discussed. 3. Ensure to read the agreement carefully. Any changes made to the order after your agreement approval will imply and apply changes and additional fees. Example: _You provided an example of the cake you want. The picture reflected red, white, and blue fondant stripes. _I drafted the agreement based on what was provided. _You signed the agreement. _I provided a cake with red, white, and blue fondant stripes. _Upon pick-up or picture preview, you stated these were supposed to be black, gold, and pink. _At this point, I have fulfilled the agreement. Additional fees apply for color changes and possible touch-up to the entire cake as these were "glued" to either frosting or fondant. 4. The changes could include but are not limited to flavor, color changes, lettering, flowers, figurines, order size, chocolate drips, sprinkles, and more. 5. Payments made through PayPal must go through and reflect payment in my bank account within the timeframe the agreement states. Holding your fees until the delivery date will imply the rejection of services. Stating "order fulfillment" before the fulfillment date reflects "fraud" from my part. I utilize order payments for the purchase of selected items or ingredients to fulfill your product. I accept other methods of payments, such as CashApp, or cash. 6. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and other dietary restriction diet items will have additional charges. These charges apply to any sale or discount promotion in place. The demand for these items is low. Having them in my stock will cause (1) spoilage, (2) occupy unnecessary space, (3) increase expenses, and (4) decrease income. 7. The agreement states the pick-up date and time. Picking items after the scheduled time will have an additional $5 per hour the first hour. $10 for the following hours after that. If you cannot pick the order during the scheduled time, request a different date and time, or find a reliable person to pick your order. Fees still apply when not meeting the timeline. The refusal to pay late pick-up fees implies the rejection of future services. 8. There will be no flavor or texture refund when ordering the wrong recipe. Example: " I wanted the Puerto Rican cake, not this (chiffon)." The current formula for the majority of the cakes is chiffon. A " Puerto Rican cake" is a special order and should be stated when ordering. 9. There is an additional $8 for different cake flavors, frosting, or filling within the same order. Fees apply per item/flavor. 10. The agreement is placed to have a partnership during and after the transaction. In case you do not follow the contract, you are willingly declining your rights to have past, present, and future accommodations.
  • How much are your cakes?
    Fees depend on the size and design of the cake. On average, frosting cake with no design is $2.50 per serving. For fondant, simple design (just cover) is $3.50 per serving. Fees for figures, sculptures, frosting sheets, rice paper, and other designs apply. To get an accurate quote, please email us at, call us at 915-313-5134, or submit a QUOTE request. Ensure to include the following: 1. Servings 2. Flavors (Frosting, filling, and cake flavor) 3. In frosting or fondant design 4. Ideas or pictures 5. Delivery location or pick-up 6. Set-up needed
  • How soon should I place an order?
    For custom cakes, we recommend ordering as soon as possible. Depending on the design, the latest 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Do not get discourage. You can request for services. If we have the time and space, we will try to accomodate you. Reasons for advance notice: 1. To ensure you can save the date. 2. To give time for the frosting and cake to set properly. (We are not taking same day orders for custom cakes). Check with our bakery for available cakes on display. 3. To create the design you want. Some items might take time to create, dry, and put together. 4. To ensure the cake stand is available (Renting purposes). 5. To have time to build a cake stand in the case the cake requires it (Ex. for 3-D cakes, etc.). 6. Gum paste and pastillage are similar to fondant, but they dry faster. Although they dry more quickly, items made with these mediums have to be switched or flipped to ensure all sides are dry evenly. At times, after dried, the medium can become flaccid due to the change of temperature in the environment. When this happens, the baker has to: 1. Change the temperature of the location and use fans to lower the heat on the gum paste, or 2. Find alternative solutions to produce the figure.
  • When should I pay?
    There is a 100% non-refundable payment due before the pick-up date. There is a 50% non-refundable payment due within three days of placing an order. Depending on the order's size and notice, the remaining 50% non-refundable payment may be due (1) with the deposit or (2) two to one week before the product is expected.
  • How do you price the cakes or baking goods?
    We price our cakes and baking goods by the ingredients we utilize and time spent to create your product. We utilize fresh ingredients and customize our flour ratio. All of our fruit, vegetables, flower jams/jellies, custards, ganache, dough, sauces and breads are made from scratch. Our flavors are premium and unique.
  • What is you baking experience?
    Our chef went to the Louisville Sullivan University as a Baking and Pastry Arts student and joined the University's National Center for Hospitality Studies (NCHS) competition team, where she earned multiple accolades. She has worked with butter sculpturing, pastillage sculpting, and created cakes for all occasions. She has worked brieflty for DeCA in NYC as a baker and the Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky as a Pastry Cook.
  • Do you make gluten-free, or dairy-free cakes?"
    We do make custom gluten-free or dairy free cakes. There is an extra $1.00 per serving.
  • Can you make XYZ flavor?
    We can make most flavors. CONTACT US for more information.
  • Have you made an XYZ theme cake? Or, can you make XYZ theme cake?"
    No, we have not made an XYZ cake, but we can make an XYZ theme cake. Let's face it, every customer is different, and trends change. Therefore, the chances of making an XYZ cake and the same theme cake more than twice, although possible, are low. Typically, the client will provide a picture of what they want to duplicate. In the Cassava cake agreement, we include: "Every order is handmade. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of our expert cake decorators. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for the exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators." The reasons for this are that every artist uses different techniques and has different expertise/experiences. Furthermore, there can be room for improvement.
  • Did you know that...Once you sign under the "Client's Signature/Pick-up" block, you are stating that you accept the design/condition of the cake?"
    Once you sign and leave our shop, we do not take responsibility for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up, or any time, nor we will make any changes to your cake. Although not required, we send pictures or videos to the client during the decoration process, or of the final product, to make final adjustments if needed before pick-up. These changes are related to the discussed agreement (Example provided below). Add-on or modifications require additional fees; in some cases, advance notice for proper preparation.
  • Did you know that... like buildings, all cakes require non-edible items to support and sustain the structure of the cake?"
    Here are a few reasons why or when to expect them. 1. All cakes are on cake cardboard, and this is then placed on a decorating plate. The plates can be put on the following materials but are not limited to wood, cardboard, stone, glass, plastic, metal, etc. 2. Cakes with (1) bulky toppers, and (2) two or more tiers require dowels to support the weight. Dowels come in different materials and sizes. It is on the preference of the artist. 3. 3-D cakes or 3-D figures may require wire, pipes, cardboard, wood, Styrofoam, etc. to hold the structure. 4. Toppers may require toothpicks, wire, or other materials to minimize breakage during (1) transportation, (2) seating over time, or (3) hold the weight. 5. In some cases, the artist may use cake cardboard in between the same tier to allow the customer to have more servings than what the actual size of the pan provides. Example a cake that serves 8 with four layers. The customer may only be able to pay for this amount; however, they need 16 servings. The artist can place the cake board in between two layers. The size of the serving may not contain four layers; however, it provides a decent cake serving for all the guests. 6. All foreign materials except cake cardboard have to be covered with plastic, ganache, or other material to seal the object and avoid cross-contamination.
  • Do you deliver?
    We deliver cakes that require assembly. Fees apply for both services and depend on the size and distance of delivery.
  • Do you ship?
    We do not ship cakes, chocolate bombs, and other delicate goodies that required industrial packaging or are fragile. We ship baked goods. Fees apply.
  • What should I expect during a cooking class?
    This is a hands-on "arts & craft" class! You will learn about the secrets of the chosen cuisine. Our chef will teach you tricks to repair the food, substitute ingredients, and more. During this time, you will have the time to ask any questions related to the chosen cuisine. Depending on the class size and cuisine, there will be groups of 2 to 4 per station. The setting may change due to COVID-19 Guidelines. Adults can consume beer and wine. Fees apply. PERMIT PENDING. You will not receive a certificate. This is a class to have fun while learning.
  • How do I register for a class?
    Now, you do not need to sign an agreement when registering for the class as our policies are stated on the registration page.* Once you have booked a class, you agree with our policies related to the class and Cassava LLC. To register for a class, visit the BOOK ONLINE page. *Class agreement are needed for the Cassa-Teen program and private parties. CONTACT US to request a private party.
  • Do you offer discounts for groups?
    Classes fee depend on the class. Example: $75 for 1 to 5 participants $60 for 6 to 9 participants $50 for 10 to 12 participants
  • What does the cooking classes fees include?
    Fees include theory, recipes, ingredients to fulfill the recipes, hands-on practice, and final product.
  • Who can assist during the cooking class?
    Classes are offered for ages 6 and older. A guardian must be present for children of ages 6 to 12 or if their child or family member needs special assistance. Fees apply.
  • What experience you have as an instructor?
    For staff bio, visit the ABOUT page.
  • What is the refund policy for cooking/baking classes?
    Non-refundable for (1) cancellations made 24 hours before the class, (2) no show, (3) do not comply w/ class rules (Ex. not wearing a mask, improper behavior), (4) after participating in the class, and (5) do not redeem gift card. Refunds apply to cancellations made 48 hours before the class.
  • Who can participate?
    The Cassa-Teen program is for teens between ages 13-17. Parents can participate in the program while their teen is taking the classes. Parent's space is based upon availability and it is not guaranteed. Parents with teens that need special assistance have priority. One parent can assist in one class for free per month. The remaining classes are $30 per parent per class
  • How does the program works?
    The program consists of 4 instructional classes of 2 to 3 hours and 30 minutes; each held once a week. In the case the participant has taken a class in the current program, the participant can choose a class from the cooking class calendar. These classes are held at a different time and date. All classes are hands-on and include theory, ingredients, and final product. Teens prepare food with instructors or partners' assistance. The instructor manages most of the procedures that involve direct heat to minimize minor injuries. Cassava recommends students wear long-sleeve shirts or a chef's coat with long sleeves to protect their arms. Students must wear long pants and closed shoes.
  • When the new cycle starts?
    The new cycle starts Saturday, February 13th, 2021 and ends March 6th, 2021. Part 1 will be held in the morning, and Part 2 will be held in the afternoon. These classes will repeat for a period of 3 months.
  • How can I register my teen?
    To register your teen, visit the BOOK ONLINE page. New participants must take Cassa-Teen Part 1 before enrolling on a different level. The enrollment progress must be finalized at our location (4430 Montana Ave. Ste. E) as the parent and student must sign an agreement. The agreement includes the Cassa-Teen program policy. For agreement template click HERE.
  • Do you do in-home cooking classes?
    We offer in-home cooking classes for parties of 6 people or more. There is an additional $75 convenience fee applied.
  • What are the program policy?
    1. Students must attend Cassa-Teen: Part 1 to continue the program. In the case a participant enrolls to an advance class without completing Part 1, Cassava automatically will enroll the student to Part 1. 2. Participants must wear a facial mask at all times. The refusal of usage may automatically imply the denial of use of services. 3. The Participant has 24 hours to notify class cancellation. Participants can re-schedule one class per cycle without extra fees. The re-scheduled class will follow on the next Cassa-Teen: Part 1 cycle. 4. In the case the participant has taken one of the classes scheduled in the program, the participant can choose one class offered during that month. For substitute class, see class schedule. The instructor must be informed of the course when the guardian and participant sign the agreement at 4430 Montana Ave. Ste. E 5. The parent should provide a list of food allergies before the class to minimize any allergic reaction. Fees apply. 6. Cassava does not take responsibility for any harm or any allergic reaction that the participant or their companions may have while cooking and eating the products they made. 7. Parents can participate in the program while their teen is taking the classes. Parent's space is based upon availability and it is not guaranteed. Parents with teens that need special assistance have priority. One parent can assist in one class for free per month. The remaining classes are $30 per parent per class. 8. Cassava provides learning material, recipes, ingredients, and equipment needed to fulfill each class and recipe. 9. In the case a participant tampers or purposely damages Cassava’s equipment, the guardian/participant takes the responsibility to make a full payment within 7 days. Failing to make a replacement payment may cause a denial of services for the future to include the completion of this agreement. 10. Parents and participants must sign an agreement before attending classes. Non refundable course.
  • Does my teen receives a certificate towards the end of the course?
    No. Although this course teaches your teen basic baking and cooking techniques, this course it is considered as an 'arts & craft' course.
  • Class cancellations
    There must be at least 3 participants enrolled in the program for the program to start. Parent registration does not counts as enrollment.
  • What should I expect while receiving personal chef services?
    Here are few things to know 1. The client must provide headcount, location, menu preference, date, and time. 2. The client and chef work together to create a menu. Or, the client can choose a pre-design menu from our website. With headcount and menu/courses, we can provide a quote. 3. An agreement must be signed. 4. A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid when signing the contract. The remaining is due three days before the event. Full non-refundable payment is required when events are scheduled one week in advance. 4. Services will not be provided when payments are not received in full. 5. We bring food ingredients, small kitchen appliances, plates, table utensils, kitchen utensils, bowls, pots, and pans, cups or glasses, complimentary lemonade, coffee, water, sparkling cider, sparkling juice or sparkling wine. (Complimentary drinks are limited). 6. We arrive 1 to 2 hours before the event starts. Our arrival time depends on the complexity of your menu. 7. A chef and an assistant will be present. The assistant will serve drinks, food, and assist in the kitchen if needed. 8. The client will receive the agreed menu cart to follow during the dining experience. 9. We clean after ourselves. The kitchen must be clean before our arrival.
  • What is your food specialty?
    As a native Puerto Rican who resided in Germany, Kentucky, New York, and Texas, she has experience with multiple cuisines. However, she enjoys fusion cuisine as you can try different flavors and techniques into one.
  • What flavors do you carry?
    All of the chocolate bombs shells are currently made with either white chocolate or dark chocolate and are hand-painted with chocolate or edible dust. Edible dust does not have flavor and allows to color the chocolate without ceasing or breaking it. For the inside, Cassava utilizes 100% dark chocolate and mini marshmallows unless is a special request. Chocolate balls made with white chocolate contained more chocolate powder, and dark chocolate bombs contain more marshmallows. The reason for this is to balance the flavor of the final product mixed with milk. Based on the reviews and feedbacks, the taste is "smooth sweet chocolate." The following can be added to your bombs: milk chocolate, vanilla powder, chocolate with cinnamon, chocolate with cayenne pepper, chocolate with spices, glitter. All bombs contain marshmallows.
  • Do you do vegan chocolate bombs?
    Cassava produces vegan chocolate bombs. Prices are higher than regular chocolate bombs due to the cost of the products.
  • How much milk should I use?
    To avoid watering down the bombs, the recommended amount of milk you should use is 8 to 10 oz of milk.
  • When are these on stock?
    Cassava does not carry bombs on stock, but takes special orders and have seasonal sales.
  • How much you chocolate bombs cost?
    The chocolate bombs' prices depend on the design, the color used, the number of products inserted, and the amount ordered. Custom orders start at $5 each. We offer discounts based on the amount requested.
  • Terms of Services
    Changes to Terms of Use Cassava LLC shall have the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, which modification shall be effective immediately following Cassava LLC's posting of such change on the Website. We recommend that you check the Website regularly for any such changes.
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